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The YMCA of Central Texas employs competent and caring staff who exhibit personal qualities of friendliness and the ability to relate openly with children and their parents. All staff members are certified in First Aid and Infant/Child CPR.
If you are late picking up your child, you will be charged $5 per child for every 15 minutes. Parent must remain on YMCA property while child is signed into Child Watch. If a child continually cries for 15 minutes, you will be paged. Shoes must be worn at all times while in Child Watch and or on the outside play area. Diapered children, 3 years and younger, will be checked periodically for soiled diapers. When necessary, soiled diapers will be changed. Parents must provide diapers, wipes, etc. If a child soils his or her clothes, you will be paged.
Child Watch does not provide snacks. Due to the increase in food allergies, no food will be allowed in child watch for staff to administer with the exception of baby formula. You are welcome to store snacks in the child watch coat area in a closed zipper bag, in a sealed, closed container for your child however, parents are encourage to utilize our lobby to have snack with their child either before or after their workout. No food is not allowed in child watch play area. Because of allergies, no peanuts or products containing peanuts are allowed in Child Watch.  
Staff use redirection and positive reinforcement while working with your child. If these techniques are not successful and your child poses a danger to him/herself or others, we will notify you immediately. Should a behavior issue persist, you may receive a letter of suspension, stating your child’s privileges have been suspended for a predetermined amount of time.
If your child has or has had in the last 24 hours, a fever, rash, drainage from the eyes, vomiting or diarrhea they will not be admitted into Child Watch. If your child exhibits any of these symptoms while in our care, we will immediately page you and ask you to remove your child from Child Watch. Please notify us if your child contracts a communicable disease after spending time in Child Watch.
Children can be dropped off and picked up only by someone who is age 18 or older. The adult who drops off and picks up the child must sign in/out the Child Watch sign in/out sheet. We will release a child only to the adult who signed in the child unless previous notification has been given.
We gladly accept donations of toys, baby items and books. Ask Child Watch staff to see a current Wish List.